Monday, November 24, 2008

And something else in November

Did want to add that while R has been having a lot of separation anxiety this month - he is really out of his funk developmentally speaking
And doing really well
The spark and with-it ness is back - the DAN doc had said that we would see a funky period when we started with the enzymes and probiotics and then over time it would go away and be replaced by lots of progress
And so it is
He has learned to use the mouse really well( as in for a just tunred 4 year old with fine motor problems ) - and he will find his websites on the computer ( I know not how ) is his favorite one
he truly loves his computer now and we have to work hard to get him off it.
He is doing much better with imitating on songs
And we have the start of pretend play - very primitive but still in he has bein doing things like the head shoulders song with Ernie
He is not making words but can still clearly read
I also got a demonstration of his visual memory when he arranged the letters of the alphabet - by first starting with QRST and then when I put P before Q he went all the way upto A and then when I put U after T, he went all the way to Z
Yesterday again he wrote Z aall the way to A
doign the alphabet backwards is really harder than it looks - try it

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robin said...

I memorized the alphabet when I was a teenager and it took a long time to do it. I can still say it as long as I say it quickly. There is NO way I could arrange the letters backwards easily. What a smart little guy R is!!!!! I'm gonna have to bookmark that site for Scott for when he gets interested in letters.

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