Monday, January 14, 2008

Vaccines or not ?

Actually there are a lot of people who say vaccinations cause autism- I do believe there are many roads to autism and autism is a blanket diagnosis for when the doctors cannot tell why your child is not developing the way he should –
I do believe that they large number of vaccinations that were giving to very young children may have been responsible for many of our woes – by the CDC”s schedule our kids get 30 vaccinations or more by the time they are 18 months

We believe Rohan’s Autism started at 17 months – between 12 months to 17 months had 6 ear infections and 6 rounds of antibiotics. He also had the MMR vaccine which is a combo of three vaccines some of which are live virus
So basically we were introducing new viruses into an immune system that was already compromised with repeated illnesses. In my heart I do not know whether we caused ASD or this was just a natural regression

But if I could do it again I would
– Delay his vaccines.
– NEVER get the flu vaccine either when pregnant or when baby was young( I did both because doctor told me I should ) – its one additional vaccine and no one tells you this but it contains mercury as a preservative – the ingredient is thimesorol ( spelling ?)
– Split up the MMR – ( split it into three different vaccines – one for measles, one for rubella and one for mumps and give them 4 weeks apart)
– NEVER give vaccines when they had been ill in the last months etc, maybe choose a daycare till he turned 2 where they had 5-6 kids total not a large daycare so he did not fall sick that much in the first 2 years
I mean its ridiculous the doctors actually insist your child gets a vaccine when he is 2 days old.
I feel so bad - we spend so much energy finding out all the reasons to not circumcise your child (which also I am strongly against ) but did not research something else which has had such a profound effect on our lives. The stats for autism in a male child is 1in 94 – so if one has a boy one should do a lot of things to just be careful

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