Monday, July 23, 2007

Starting today Floortime-Lite

This is going to be my Floor time blog for our son -R
I was planning to start Floortime much more instensively and much sooner and while I have been good about it right from when I first read the wonderful Engaging Autism and also the write up on
First a little bit about our son - R is 2 years and 8 months and 11 days old. He has no words but expresses a lot of love for us through hugs, cuddles and kisses.
He still nurses and sleeps with us and is a very gentle and sweet child with better manners than most typical kids even
He also fits clearly into the Autism Spectrum
  • He has no language - we have started the use of PECS but we dont know if he understands all the images - clearly he knows the picture for Swing :-) . He will also give me the wrapper of Dum Dum and sign "More " which means both "more" and " I want"
  • He has no interest in his peers - though he loves other adults like his therapists
  • He does a repetitive activity - stimming - he runs around making a hmmmm sound to breaks in patterns ( like say the seam of a sofa) and to moving lines - like the streaming news at the bottom of the screen

Today I am planning on trying an activity Schedule with the following things on the schedule -

  • Swing
  • Ball
  • Bubbles
  • Puzzle ( Shapes )
  • Sing Songs ( The ever popular Twinkle Twinkle )- I may use some images with these

And a Bath schedule

  • Bath
  • Wash Hair
  • Brush Teeth

we are really trying hard to get the generalise the idea of PECS and I think that if I use PECS everyday then he will get the idea sooner rather than later

The other thing I plan to do if I get the time is testing Rohan to see if he can match images to actual objects - ie a picture of a spoon is an actual spoon!

I will write in the night as to how the evening went

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