Friday, July 27, 2007

I definitely feel like we ave reached a plateau - There could be many reasons
  1. last week and the week before that we had minimal ABA ( therapist on vacation)
  2. Speech therapist broke leg
  3. Visitors at home - so distracted mother
If anything could convince me that intervention is key this is it - now I will have to see how next week goes
I think I really need to step it up with Floortime
First of all I dont think I am really doing it right
Second I dont think I am doing enough
Today evening this is how it went
  1. My mom fed him - dinner - spinach and rice while watching Little Einstein
  2. Nursed and compliments and connecting with R
  3. Went through the KK drive thru
  4. Sang a song on our front porch swing
  5. Took our activity board and got him to choose activities - and use PECS to ask for More Swinging , ball slide etc
  6. Some playing outside -
  7. More nursing ( ithink he is really insecure with the parents being here )
  8. Then Bath time with loads of games
  9. Songs on CD - he asked for more Twinkle Twinkle
  10. Then I got on the treadmill and he watched some Blues Clues and ate goldfish crackers
  11. Now he is supposed to be sleeping with Dad but I can hear him and its midnight
Its definitely a plateau - I need to step it up

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