Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Very Very Happy Mother's day

A very very happy mother's day to all mothers

To those whose kids will make cute little cards and presents for them

And especially, to those mothers whose children won't .

Some of you will have husbands that will get you flowers

But some of you will not even have husbands

For they left when things got hard

 And your marriage was not the way it used to be in too many ways to count

( And sometimes,  in the night, you go from the place of being angry with him. And  you find yourself  in a place where you blame yourself for his leaving, for you know you have changed.

But you dont know how to find your way back to the girl you used to be, with her lightness and her flirting and her non-blaming ways )

Some of you will have children who show their love in a million ways, if not through cards

But some of you will have children that cannot show their love

Today will be like any other day where you may change diapers of children who are long past the diapers of  the cute cartoon figures .

You will cook and clean like every other day

But today you will also hide from Facebook

And you will try not to go outside

 Or turn on your television

Because everything, will conspire to remind you of all those cute moments that you try so hard  not to want

Mother's day to some of us  is the Valentines day of the mate-less and the Christmas of the loveless.

Like,  as Dani said in the post I linked above, you  got a million post cards from Italy

To those mothers, I am sending you heartfelt hugs and wishes

Just because you did not get thanked in the Hallmark ways, does not mean that you are any less of an amazing mother

For to continue day after day like you do

You, with your endless love

And your IEP-praying, online-researching, therapy-planning, worrying-if-you-are-doing-enough ways

Makes you an amazing mother

So give yourself a present

Try this year to not constantly evaluate your own performance as a mother

Be a little kinder to yourself

If you are alone on this road

Or if you feel alone on this road

Be your own best friend

Happy happy mother's day to you

You are an amazing kind of mother

The very best kind of mother

Say to yourself

I heart me


Lyndsey said...

I love you :) Happy Mother's Day

Puffin said...

That was very beautiful. I love you K!

Bright Side of Life said...

Happy Mother's Day, K. You are fabulous! x

danette said...

Beautiful post, Happy Mother's Day K!

Yuji said...

Beautiful sentiments, K. Happy Mother's Day!

Li said...

You made me cry again. Happy Mother's Day!

jazzygal said...

That is lovely. And a very Happy Mother's Day to YOU :-)

Mothers Day is held earlier in Ireland and doesn't really get celebrated in my house! However I have learned to take joy in all the other ways my son shows me his love....that was the inspiration behind my 'Love Is...' post a while ago :-)

xx Jazzy

Debbie said...

That was beautiful, K.

Kris said...

A very happy Mother's Day to you, K!! You are a wonderful mother! R is so lucky to have you.

Trish said...

You always know the perfect thing to say - thank you! And I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and know that you are truly loved.

Bless you!

Lizbeth said...

Such a beautiful post!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Love it

Dani G said...

I love this post. It's so beautiful and you really hit the nail right on the head!

I'll be sharing this!!


SoCo mom said...

Very well said. Thank you!

Rachel said...

I heart you! What a wonderfully compassionate post.

So very, very thoughtful.

Much love to you!

Unknown said...

This is beautiful. Thank you,

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Now this IS poetry and beautiful, I'm only sorry I got to it so late xx

Tanya Savko said...

Such a lovely post, K. Just wanted to say hello as I am attempting to get back into blogging from my long hiatus. Hope all is well with you and yours. xo

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed this. This is beautiful. This is why I love you. :)

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