Friday, April 15, 2011

All the latest Spectrum books

If you want to read reviews of all the latest books in autism and ADHD - reviews by parents and bloggers
AND participate in an 1100 dollar giveaway go here ( click on image )
The wonderful Danette Schott has created an event for her April 2011 edition of  Best of the Best (BoB), Edition 5. This edition is in honor of Autism Awareness Month and in honor of ALL invisible special needs, such as ADHD, SPD, and mental illness. Bloggers have united to review over 50 books, DVDs, and even a b-Calm. Most of these reviews also include giveaways! A total of $1,100 products are being given away to readers!


Lizbeth said...

I've been sitting over there for a while reading reviews. I had to come back and thank you for the link. It's great.

A big thank you!

Both Sides of the Coin- Christy said...

Thanks! Headed over there now...

rhemashope said...

thank you, k!

kathleen said...

Thanks for the heads up.:)

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