Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is my life

Life has been very relentless lately
I am traveling so much. Even when I am home things are just so distracted hurried and out of control
Today after a day of non stop work me and some of my collegues were walking back through China Town to our hotel
And suddenly between two tall buildings .. I caught glimpse of the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge
Suddenly my perspective shifted.
My busy days have beautiful things all around me that I am not drinking in
I keep waiting for some magic days of leisure, freedom and happiness.
They never come you know .. one sort of work is exchanged by another sort of work
But these little pauses of beauty and happiness are aplenty


danette said...

What a great reminder, that is so true. We just need to slow down and enjoy those moments as they come, because if we wait for the leisurely times we'll be waiting a long time :).

robin said...

I bet that was a beautiful sight! Sometimes it's hard to stop to smell the roses when you're jumping from garden to garden...I'm glad you were able to stop and soak in the beauty for a moment.

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