Monday, March 10, 2008

Mercury Rising

Well we thought we would get the French Urine Poryphirin test just to rule things out
Now R never had a bad reaction to vaccines and I thought that our road into ASD was part genetic and part a 3 month period of 6 ear infections and constant antibiotics Still I had heard about this new test where you send urine to France and they test It really was more in the spirit of just to make sure Well the results came back and I am just sick to the pit of my stomach His Mercury levels have come back abnormally high- I think the normal range is below 9 and his is 23How did this happen?

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Laura said...

Autism is so complicated, it makes my brain hurt! Every time I think I've got a handle on it: Hmm, it's the mercury. No, wait, it must be the ear infections (we had those, too!). Or maybe the chlorine from the pool I swam in so often while pregnant. Or maybe the crib mattress off-gassing flame retardants. Or maybe some virus I picked up and passed on to Hutton unknowingly when I was pregnant. Or the flu shot I had (mercury again). Or, the eight fillings I had in my teeth. Hmm. Mercury yet again.

Yes, we did the poryphyrin test, too and Hutton had lots of mercury and other toxins. In addition to the stuff I listed above, I think the big thing for us was the 15 mo. vaccines when Hutton had an ear infection and eczema. Let's see, 2 challenges his immune system is working on, and then throw on lots of vaccines.

But, it was hard to blame vaccines at the time, because he never "regressed." He was a late talker, an a late walker, but we were told, "That's normal for boys." Arghh. In hindsight I realize I shouldn't have let him get shots when he was sick, but who knows!

Do you have a doctor who will chelate? We use the Andy Cutler protocol (Autism-Mercury yahoo group). So far, so good. It will be interesting to see what the next porphyrin test reveals!

After that, I suppose we'll have to tackle viruses. Or try HBOT? Sigh. Just time and money, right? We all have plenty of those! ;)

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